Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hanson...Yes, I said Hanson

My darling friend/coworker Cathryn is from North Carolina. She is an avid Hanson fan. I truly don't think I can convey the extent to which she loves Hanson. Yes, I'm talking about the 3 brothers, "Mmbop"-singing, instrument-playing Hanson. Did you all know that Hanson still tours and records? SURPRISE! Cathryn has not missed a Hanson concert yet. The issue that Cathryn has found is that it's difficult to find friends to accompany you to a Hanson concert, but that it's also not fun to enjoy alone. So, Cathryn has some friends who like her enough to accompany her to Hanson concerts. Last weekend, that someone was me and Susanna. Kathleen met us for dinner, but she moved to Indiana a couple days later, so she had to return home to pack (I don't want to talk any more about that...).

So Susanna and I attended the Hanson concert at Club Nokia with Cathryn. Words cannot express the events that ensued that evening...

More pictures to come as many were on Susanna and Cathryn's cameras. I'll pass them along as I get them.

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